Sunday, February 1, 2015

Happy February

I didn't get enough sleep last night but for a great reason.  When I got up for a bathroom visit at 4:30am, I noted I felt so much better than usual.  This realization made me very excited so there was no going back to bed LOL

Yesterday I started two new supplements so not sure if either or both had an effect. I started a CoQ10 with tocotrienols which are similar to Vit E.  I cannot take Vit E because it creates a bleeding tendency and I hope the tocotrienols do not.  The other was another brand of Apple Cider Vinegar tablets which are smaller and easier to swallow.  I plan to take these with two meals a day instead of the other with one meal a day.

So for the first time since forever, I got out of bed without feeling like any of my lower limb muscles were about to spasm.  Also I think the tinnitus was quieter.  It could be that the supplements were beginning to heal whatever was broken and just a coincidence with it happening just when I changed things up a bit.

I also am very excited about discovering which has become a great place to store my smaller video files.  Since I do most sparks in front of my laptop, having these files on a quick to stream cloud makes it much easier to just do it.

This morning I visited several routines on an older burned dvdr.  I liked alot of them BUT they all used basically the same tunes which I was testing at the time they were created so need to mix them up when revisiting.

I may try a rental from Suzanne Andrews because the price is right ($1.99).

Almost forgot to mention.  I think I found a solution to my problem with Handbrake files not being compatible with WellVideo by changing the video codec to MPEG4 from H264.  Only problem is the quality suffers a bit but may be worth the time saved for WellVideo uploads.

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