Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Done with VF

This morning I warmed up with an edited segment of a Blanche Black's circuit which used a rebounder then did most of an edited Leslie Sansone 3 mile LIVE routine which also used a band.  I did most of the band stuff while bouncing on a stability ball and varied the moves with alittle tweaking to hit more muscles.

I will return to try more George Jones in a day or two.

I mostly did the second half of this clip:

The Leslie 3 mile Live used to be available online through Vimeo but the channel is no longer available.

I have finally made the decision not to participate on VideoFitness anymore.
First there was a discussion about restrictive bras where I tried to warn the fans of restrictive bras that the bras restrict the movement of lymph.  Most reacted with snide remarks.

Then there was another bungee discussion where the bullying by the Bellicon fans made the JumpSport fans feel like losers.  I rather spend my time online with people who appreciate my efforts.

I just wanted to add a reminder that you can visit WellVideo with my invitation link
This link can also be shared with your friends if you think the site will interest them.

ETA: If you have any additional questions about JumpSport bungees not covered in the previous JumpSport blog posts (most are listed in my favorite links), email me or PM me on VF.  I do not sell them nor receive any commissions on their sales but am very satisfied with their quality. I will no longer publicly discuss them, especially on VF.

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