Saturday, February 14, 2015

Amy with Paul and Caribbean Rebounder

This morning I did edited files of Double Down with Amy Dixon and Paul Katami and the Caribbean Rebounder workout.  Loved all of the MUsic used.  Double Down had too many reps of each move for my tastes but did have a few good moves. The Caribbean Rebounder routine worked on the bungee and stability ball nicely.

Now I know why I had replaced the dvd player I am currently using....
it does not shut off!
So I have to remember to pull its plug when done.

I may try to revive the other player.
Hopefully there is just some dust blocking the loading process.

I noticed the Chrome Video Downloader Professional extension offers an option to stream to Chromecast.  I do not own a Chromecast but this may enable streaming downloadable files from WellVideo!

Suzanne Andrews is giving a free download of Walk Your Way to a Healthy Heart for Valentine's Day

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