Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Another Day (and another birthday)

As of yesterday, I am officially 66 years young and tomorrow is the dreaded annual visit with the partner of our previous doctor.  I had cancelled our quarterly exams late January and April Fools Day seemed like an appropriate day to schedule our annuals. I will ignore all cholesterol results except HDL and if my blood pressure is high because I know it will be because of the stress of the visit.  Stress is the number one enemy of our hearts and all doctors have done for me in the past decade is add to that stress.

My husband had switched to taking his Lipitor every other day upon my recommendation.  The anti-inflammatory effects of a stain work at lower doses.  In fact, once the cholesterol starts to be too low, the dose may be too high.
Now this I do not understand at all.  Low dose aspirin is no longer recommended unless a male has had a coronary event because it increases the bleeding tendency in some individuals.  Yet Statins which have pretty much a similar benefit and cost much more also have more adverse side effects and are still being pushed for most of the adult community.

Dietary Cholesterol will no longer be a villain yet saturated fat will remain a dietary villain  even though it is refined carbs with little to no fiber content and the overheating of vegetable oils which have caused most inflammatory reactions in arteries.

It is time for true science to determine diet and medication recommendations.  It is time for people to make healthy changes in their lifestyle based on true science.  How we feel each day should be the focus of what we eat and how we play.

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