Saturday, October 3, 2015

PROBounce Final Analysis (for now)

I would recommend always getting the highest tension cords with the largest mats because they do loosen with use and larger mats tend to feel looser sooner, especially in the center.  My son broke in the PROBounce with really hard high jumping so the mat is already somewhat looser.  The cords are showing no changes visually though they did with the 550 almost immediately (fraying of the covering and flattening).  There was one PROBounce cord which looked slightly damaged that I kept on the frame even though it came with 4 extra cords and it has not shown any progression in its appearance.

Lubricating oil between the frame parts and on the legs may reduce sound.  I lubricated the legs because one was hard to put on and remove and it was suggested in the manual.  I did not lubricate the frame sections because it was not making noise but another customer stopped her noise with vaseline.

Anywho, the PROBounce has officially replaced my JumpSport 550 in our basement.  I love the wider and lower mat, enabling more overhead action.  My feet have responded well to it after several days of use.  For my needs, it is the best choice for our basement.  I have no trouble following the timing of routines I did on the 550.

Is it worth paying the current $350 for the PROBounce or $500 for the smaller but better quality JumpSport 550?  Even if the 550 were again offered for $400 at Costco, for me the lower height and wider mat of the PROBounce would be the deciding factor instead of price.
I, personally, cannot consider a Bellicon because of its height.
(no worries, I enjoy my bouncing parties everyday)

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