Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Another PROBounce Video

This morning I schlept the PROBounce down to the basement so I could record bouncing to an edit of a Jessica Smith Toning Walk using bands.  Unfortunately, youtube blocked the audio just about world wide so will replace the audio then embed it on this post.  It was amazing how much more overhead room I had on the lower PROBounce which leaves me with a dilemma whether to leave it down in the basement or return it to the living room for our son.  As a precaution, I wore my Futuro arch supports and my feet feel fine.  The humidity was very intense this morning so I had to stop and add a sweatband.

(email me if you would like to hear the original edit privately)

link on youtube
It will be ironic if I find I like this audio more!

Also here is the first PROBounce video embedded from DailyMotion

To see either on DailyMotion click on the *dailymotion* in the lower right corner of the video

Here are the recently embedded Jumpsport videos embedded from DailyMotion

ETA 10/01/2015:   I did the third Bungee Ball MU routine on the PROBounce which was recorded on the 550 and had no trouble keeping in time.   The mat definitely has more give than the 550.  Will have to keep a close eye on my feet to see if my feet are more aggravated by the PROBounce mat.  It is hard to determine since I have had weird foot twinges for years.  I did enjoy doing a full range healthbounce without worrying about hitting my head on the basement ceiling! Those few inches overhead make quite a huge difference for me.  Looks like my son will be losing his living room PROBounce LOL

10/02/2015:  so far so good.  My feet actually whined less today than usual!

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