Saturday, September 19, 2015

PROBounce in Action

This morning I freestyled on my new PROBounce bungee while playing tunes on my mobile phone and recorded the action between water breaks (lots of breaks cuz I drink alot of water LOL).   The audio gets much louder about the 1:30 mark after moving the mobile phone closer to the laptop.

I found the timing of the kind of combination healthbounce and dance that I do was just about the same as it is on the JumpSport550.   The main difference between the two models  is slightly more room on the PROBounce, making me feel a bit more stable.    The only advantage I can see in the more expensive JumpSport are the thicker adjustable bungee cords with a better warranty.  Only time will tell how long the PROBounce cords may last.

available links, each play differently on their hosts:
music is blocked in Germany and on some devices by youtube

I will continue doing my morning workouts in the basement on the 550 because of the dvd player/tv/stereo sound system/mirror and freestyle to MUsic throughout the day on the PROBounce in the living room. 

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