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Bungee Personal Analysis

(Since this post, I received a hexagon bungee which is now my favorite:

Comparing factors, excluding price of 3 different size bungees.

Larger mats are wonderful for extra space but may develop coning or a soft center.  Higher cord tension may help keep the mat firmer and a quicker bounce.  Looser cord tension can feel either more pleasurable or feel too unstable for comfortable balancing, depending on the individual.  Bungees may loosen the most during their first month of use so being able to adjust the cord tension on JumpSports has been a great advantage.  Their 300 and 500 model series cord warranty is much longer than the one year given by Bellicon and PROBounce.
Shoes or barefeet is another factor to consider when choosing a bungee.  A squishier less stable mat may work ok by wearing shoes for more support as I did when my feet were the worse before I got a JS PRO mat.  I prefer bouncing barefooted but occasionally wear Futuro arch supports found at CVS if I feel a twinge in either foot.  Son bounces wearing just socks and his feet prefer the PROBounce mat.

So I now own 3 different size bungee models:
JumpSport 350/370 40 inch frame with a 370 PRO mat
JumpSport 550 44 inch frame
PROBounce 48 inch (frame measures 50 inches) with Ultra-cords

My favorite is hard to say because it depends on which room they are located.  Each feels slightly different and each has its own advantages so I have no buyer's remorse for any of them and would be perfectly happy if any one of them were my only bungee. I do love the PROBounce for its largest size and lowest height but not sure if the PROBounce mat firmness will be the best for me down the road and only Time will tell.

The 40 inch JS fits perfectly in our den and is the highest so the least preferred for our basement with a low ceiling.  Also being the highest, I am anxious when dismounting since I am short.  I preferred the original 350 skirt mat to the original 370 petal mat which felt claustrophobic and noisier.  The PRO 370 mat feels less claustrophobic but I would have preferred a skirt PRO mat (Beggars cannot be choosers since the mat was free, only paying its shipping costs).  The PRO mats have 36 bungees instead of just 30 so it is a firmer bounce which my feet prefer.  I used the non-PRO mat for 3 year till it started to feel unstable even on its tightest cord tension.  The balance challenge affected my feet poorly.  The PRO mat has made it much better for me.  I highly recommend the 40 inch 350 PRO mat with a skirt fringe to anyone with foot issues.  Exception, if the user is short, then mounting and dismounting can be more challenging. (tip: try a handlebar which is included free from Costco)

The 44 inch JS works great in my basement with caution being slightly lower than the 40 inch model.
(will try the even lower PROBounce there eventually).
It is now on its tightest setting and almost 2 years old.
The mat is not as firm as the 40 inch but the extra mat space is worth the less firm mat tension since I do not go airborne and stay in contact with the mat because of the low basement ceiling.
(tip: Just loosen a few cords near the hinges before trying to unfold it the first time.)

The PROBounce is located in the living room with a high ceiling because our son loves it there.  I love how easy it is for me to mount and dismount being the lowest of the frames and have enjoyed the extra mat space enabling more moves. Just hope the bungees do not become too loose with use for my feet.    Also I have noted I feel the PROBounce more in my calves which is an observation made by Bellicon owners.  Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing yet for peripheral neuropathy and Plantar Fasciitis. (Warning: putting it together is a workout)

We have both been bouncing before meals.  My vigorous healthbounce on the den Jumpsport and son's high bounce on the PROBounce have been in perfect syncopation so either would work well for most cardio.  Weight does not seem to be a factor even though I am 40 pounds heavier than our son.

I judge my lymph pumping by the flapping of my breasts.  I am able to get this action on all three bungees.

Height comparisons for those with short legs and /or low ceilings:
Bellicon 14 inches
JS 550 12 1/2 inches
PROBounce 11 1/2 inches
(because of the shorter legs, the PROBounce is now in my basement)
The PROBounce has not aggravated my feet!

For updates check the bottom of this post:

For demonstrations check my Playlists on youtube or Daily Motion

Someone brought up the question about maximum weight limits on bungees.
The PROBounce Ultra cords limit is 250 pounds.
Jumpsport PRO mats including JS 550 300 pounds. 
Otherwise Jumpsport limit 250 pounds
Heavier weights have no other bungee choice but Bellicon

ETA 11-21-2016:
Currently started working out mostly in our den to use a laptop plugged into power speakers for streaming.   I am using the PROBounce there preferring its larger size to the two JumpSports.  Probounce ultra cords show no wear.  
Do not have enough space in the den for the even larger Hexagon so still use that one in the basement 2 to 3 days a week when doing laundry. 
Besides their larger size, I prefer their lower height for mounting and dismounting.  
My bare feet have been happy on all 4 bungees.

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