Monday, September 21, 2015

MUsic and Exercise inc PLAYLISTS!

Article about MUsic and exercise:

I know how much better I feel when workingout and afterwards when I use music.
It is an addictive combination.
I simply cannot workout without music which is why I edit easy to follow routines to have music only and have a party every morning.

Come Party with Me!
You can find the videos embedded in previous blog posts

or check any of the 3 playlist links below
(When viewing my recordings, keep in mind I am 66 years old)

These links show the playlists of my videos:

Bouncin Barb Playlist on youtube

Bouncin Barb Playlist on DailyMotion:

For WellVideo, go to my channel where you will find playlists including Bouncin Barb:

For more articles about bouncing to music:

I have various ways of sharing edited files of OOP and public files.
Many can be found on,, and Toutbox.
(youtube blocks music in many countries so is my least favorite video hosting site)

I am next planning to record my bouncing on the new PROBounce to my edit of the Jessica Smith Toning with a Band Walk because I really enjoyed this one this morning on the JS550 and want to compare how it feels on the PROBounce.  However, I have to wait for a morning that my husband does not need his laptop and have my son bring the PROBounce to the basement. (I can bring downstairs myself but our Aspie son likes to feel useful by carrying heavy things)

I picked a way too humid morning for this one!
(and had to replace the soundtrack afterwards because of copyrighted tunes)

BB PROBounce 2 MU band for public sharing by POMBarb

One thing really great about editing audio, I do not have to hear the shouting.  Do any of the trainers realize how annoying hearing *WHOO* can be?

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