Monday, September 7, 2015

Pumping Lymph

This site has lots of information about how to pump lymph and why the 350/370 JumpSport with adjustable cords is this reviewer's favorite bungee:
He should try the PRO mats if he really wants to find the firmest bungee bounce!

This site was one of the factors that made me lean towards getting the 44 inch JumpSport 550 instead of the Bellicon 49 inch model besides wanting to avoid a squishy mat which is not good for Plantar Fasciitis.  The arrival of the new PROBounce on the bungee scene will be interesting to investigate and compare with my JumpSports.

One woman insisted on getting a 49 inch Bellicon with lower resistance cords than the site above would suggest, even though the healthbounce was her main focus.  Anywho I had not visited the site in awhile so revisited it and found some interesting explanations about how I often feel.  The annoying *hives*, itchiness, weird underarm smell, and *out-of-sort* flu-like systems I sometimes get are actually a sign that my body had toxic waste to shed.  I am embracing these symptoms and will actually do the heel landing healthbounce more to produce them and hope one day they will just stop.  It was not intensity that produced these symptoms but productive lymph pumping.
I can also get this action sitting on a stability ball.  The more the girls bounce and the harder they hit bottom (that flapping sound) is actually an indication that the movement is pumping lymph.
I bounce bra-less because I want to pump lymph  and I have read how going bra-less is much healthier.
(OK I hate bras too and always have)

Many will disagree with the above thinking their breasts will become droopier or hurt too much when flapping but the connective tissue will actually strengthen and the sensations become more comfortable.

The new PROBounce ships this week!!!
Since I loved my cheap YogFlex,  I am not expecting it to surpass my 550 but just give me an alternative bounce with more overhead and sideways space like my dear departed YogFlex.

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