Friday, September 18, 2015


The 48 inch PROBounce bungee with ultra cords arrived!
(the frame actually was 50 inches on my tape measurer)
Putting it together was no picnic.
It was a real workout and sweat producing.

It looks well made except for one cord which I may have damaged sliding it around the frame to get the silver connector where I wanted it but there are 4 extra cords so no harm, no foul.  My husband had to help me connect the last part of the frame and one of the cords.  Otherwise, I did it myself and didn't draw any blood LOL
I alternated 4 cords and 5 cords between the 8 legs.

Once it is together it is light and easy to move.

It is quiet as long as I find the sweet spot on our squeaky floor.
All I hear are the feet hitting the mat.

The bounce is absolutely wonderful.  It is responsive and totally none jarring.  I can really go airborne in our living room with a high ceiling and do not feel at all unstable when landing.   The mat stays flat enough where I have no trouble doing the kickbutt style of running.  Quite honestly,  I can no longer recommend a more expensive smaller Jumpsport Pro unless with time, I find the mat aggravating my bare feet.  Personally, cannot imagine why a Bellicon would be worth double the price (almost triple the pre-order price), especially since the legs are shorter on the PROBounce.
I do not feel anxious when dismounting at all.

That being said, I probably get more of a lymph pump on the JumpSport 550 with its firmer heel landing.  Will keep that one in the basement for now, hoping the PROBounce will keep me moving more throughout the day.  I may set up the laptop to record some action tomorrow morning.

ETA: my son likes the new PROBounce the most so will be leaving it in our living room with a higher ceiling.

The PROBounce mat is 10 inches longer in diameter than my 40 inch JumpSport PRO mat and 5 inches longer than my 44 inch 550 Jumpsport mat.  Plus no petals or skirt in the way.
It is a softer bounce but not a slower bounce.  The mat does not pronate my feet/ankles (no coning) and does not feel unstable like the JS 350/370 mats did before I got a PRO mat.

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