Tuesday, September 15, 2015

PROBounce and 550 Embedded Vids

So I got all excited this morning that my new PROBounce 48 inch bungee had been shipped and was expected to be delivered on Tuesday, today being Tuesday.

Unfortunately, it is NEXT Tuesday LOL

Oh well, never know, it could be Monday.

I plan to post about it here so stay tuned if you want to hear how it compares with my 40 inch and 44 inch JumpSports.

Since I have a whole week to wait to try the new bungee, I recorded a third Bouncin Barb BungeeBall routine:

BB BungeeBall MU3


also on


Here are the first two of this series:

BB BungeeBall MU1


BB BungeeBall MU2

(LOL finally figured out how to embed a smaller video on the blog)

ETA Friday: Last evening, the PROBounce arrived about 20 minutes from my home.  This morning it arrived less than 5 minutes from my home where it will probably sit till Monday!

ETA 8:47 am It is on the truck for delivery! 

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