Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Here I am again LOL

I recorded another Bouncin Barb video this morning.
Even though I tried to pace myself, I was sweating bullets.

It is on WellVideo here:

and on DailyMotion here:

ETA: now on youtube too

Bouncin Barb BungeeBall 2 by POMBarb

I am just trying to show how I follow all sorts of cardio while bouncing on the JumpSport 550 Fitness Trampoline and a large stability ball.

ETA: I will be busy trying the new Jessica Smith
Walk the Weight Off 30 Day Program.
Once I decide which is my favorite edit, I may record myself using it
or I may wait to see if I want to record anything on my new 48 inch PRObounce after it arrives.
 doubt it will replace my favorite JumpSports 

ETA: here is a blog link to my first recording with the new laptop webcam:

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