Tuesday, August 18, 2015

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Today is the opposite of yesterday.
I did not sleep well and even skipped exercising this morning.

I have found the management of WellVideo too unstable and unpredictable so am not sharing privately there anymore.  Many of my newer friends will never be in the inner clique of private friend sharing so I rather just share and communicate one-on-one than deal with the extra stress.

That being said there are plenty of edited you tube videos to share LOL
It is still a great site even for the bottom tier members.

It is just not my day.
I decided to cave on that cheap 48inch bungee but the site would not accept my credit cards and I do not have paypal.

So I emailed the ProBounce customer service and they asked exactly what my error message said so I went through the ordering process again but this time it worked!
Ironically my husband had just hit a 10 cent superfecta in my online horseracing account which is just $2 short of covering the cost so I do not even feel guilty about spending the money just to satisfy my curiosity.

special note: last day of pre-order price is 9/7 and the pre-orders will then be shipped

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