Friday, August 7, 2015

Google Plus and Youtube

So Google Plus was a huge fail.

I, myself, have no trust in Google since their bots deleted my first youtube account with no appeal process which I really believe I would have won if sentient beings were in control.   Google has alienated many of their potential customers with their ridiculous youtube automatic account terminations.  As a result, I will never buy a Chromebook or Chromecast and am staying away from Android smart phones.
My account was associated with my primary email and has made youtube very difficult to enjoy anymore.  The account brought youtube thousands of views and poof, it was gone because of a song that later was cleared from copyright restrictions.  This was more than 6 months after my first copyright strike so should not have been a third strike within 6 months.  I had over one thousand videos on my channel.  Percentage-wise I was much less of a copyright violator than most channels.  My first strike was from Zumba Fitness for totally out-of-print routines that were part of Kellogg's Special K offers.  One was even a VHS! Most Zumba fans will never see these routines.   As a result, I stopped being a Zumba fan.  Ironically, youtube is full of Zumba routines that are still being sold.

I may eventually switch browsers too.  Chrome is my main browser but now that Windows10 is here, I may give the new Microsoft browser a try.

Yuck Yuck Yuck
did not like Microsoft for web browsing, etc.
It kept trying to change what I was typing on search, favorites, and even during WellVideo private messages!

However, after downloading, converting and burning files on the Windows 10 computer, I think it was easier for multitasking!  I like the task shortcut on the tool bar which shows what recent tasks I was doing.
No more worries about my current Windows7 laptop expiring. 

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