Saturday, October 24, 2015

Storing and Sharing Video Files

I am still trying to figure out the best way to store and share my edited video files.  The main obstacle is being able to organize them so a file is easily produced by a search.
Youtube is too unpredictable with their music restrictions.
DailyMotion limits how many hours can be uploaded in a day and makes private sharing more difficult with just links.
WellVideo is great BUT only the most recently uploaded files seem to get views so no point taking up permanent storage there for files that will soon be ignored.    At least the search engine does work for public videos there.
Toutbox is great for storage and sharing downloads but being in French, prevents visitors from registering. is also great for storing and sharing but few visitors venture there as well.

Maybe I best get honest with myself that I am the only one really interested in these edited files for their routines and music so my dvdr backups are all I need for my personal use.    I am pretty much coming to the conclusion that creating my own videos is not worth the bother either.  My recorded bouncing routines have gotten lots of views on DailyMotion and my bouncing playlist has been viewed on youtube more than the individual videos there.  However, I believe most tuned in to see what my bungees were like rather than trying the actual routines.  What is already available is enough to demonstrate my bouncing fusion style which can be applied to other routines.

Guess I will just wait and see if anyone actually requests more edited and/or recorded videos.

ETA: here was one I recently enjoyed:

It is an edit of a youtube video.  Now that I figured out how to share the zillion edits I have on, I will easily be able to share more edited videos with little effort on my blog and on WellVideo.

and another!

and one more LOL

edited Keaira African Intervals great on bungee and ball

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