Thursday, October 15, 2015

2 New Videos and Current Bungee Prices

This morning I woke up feeling really well so I recorded two new videos:

First is just using the PROBounce while playing an edit of a jessicasmithtv Interval Walk

BB Probounce MU3 by POMBarb

also on WellVideo and youtube

youtube embedded on WellVideo

Second starts with bouncing on a large Stability Ball and ends with alittle more PROBounce action:
This audio will not be on youtube
However, Youtube accepted my second audio soundtrack attempt for the Ball then Bungee bouncing I recorded yesterday:

BB Ball then PROBounce MU2 by POMBarb
(sorry it starts with a Country song since two of my WellVideo friends do not like Country music but wanted to use a soundtrack I was sure youtube would accept)

Speaking of youtube....
This is very exciting!
Ilyse Baker now has a youtube channel!!!
Several WellVideo friends requested to have the audio replaced on these

As I have mentioned many times, the combination of bouncing and music has been my magic bullet, making my workouts fun and making me feel great.  Do not be afraid of having fun!!!  A workout should be our playtime.   Just keep MUving.

I realize *FUN* is in the eye of the beholder so listen to your own body and mind and find what is *FUN* to you.   I am a free spirit like a puppy when it comes to what I enjoy doing.  Other exercisers may be more like cats, wanting to follow a rotation or style exactly as it is demonstrated without as much enthusiasm, playfulness or creativity.  For me, bouncing without music is bland, like eating cardboard instead of a food with flavor.
Meanwhile some others may not even taste a food if they do not hear how it was made no matter how good it looks LOL

The 44 inch JumpSport 550  is better made than the 48 inch PROBounce but I have been enjoying the PROBounce just as much since it is lower and wider.  The Probounce though wider is lighter and easier to move around.

After rebounding for so many years, I strongly urge anyone in the market for a rebounder to consider one of the larger bungee models.

Just a summary of the larger bungee options and current prices:
$350 for the PROBounce 48 inch (pre-order was $250)
$500 for the JumpSport550 44 inch (Costco was $400)
$600 Bellicon 44 inch (now free shipping)
$700 Bellicon 49 inch (now free shipping)

Be aware, the holidays are coming and so are the holiday sales!

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