Friday, February 12, 2016

What Makes me Happy

There are two things which make me Happy:
Sharing with others (anything from tips to videos)
Editing workouts to make them more enjoyable.

Sometimes the two things can overlap when I share an edited workout which somebody else may enjoy.

I have listened to my mind and body and found what brings me joy and learned what to avoid as far as dread in both workouts and people.  Honestly, I do not understand the misguided people who resent me and my efforts and try to thwart them but I continue to do what I enjoy in spite of the selfish people who are determined to take my joy away from me and others whom I try to help.

On a larger scale why do some politicians and religious leaders feel it is their duty to take equal rights away from others?    How does a gay couple who want the commitment of marriage affect them so directly that they feel determined to prevent this couple from being legally committed to one another?
What would make this couple happy has no effect on the people trying to thwart their happiness.

Why not allow everyone the pursuit of happiness as long as they are not harming others?

Life is stressful enough without this unnecessary stress from miserable people and bullies.

Yesterday afternoon I enjoyed several edited sparks which I have shared online.
This morning I enjoyed an edit which I cannot share because of copyrighted content.  I could just record myself doing the edited file and share my recording which I may or may not eventually do.   Problem is I have dozens and dozens of edits with the same copyright limits and only want to record something if someone else will appreciate the routine.  Otherwise, I rather spend a workout session visiting new edits instead of recording others recently visited.

(some of my videos files are available on Toutbox/partageurs,, youtube, dailymotion, etc.  In my links to the right, you can find access to most of my video channels. you can email me at for more information about how I share privately with friends)


  1. I agree with you on the gay marriage comment - I would like to see your ideas which you cannot share due to copyright. Can I send you my email and you can send me ideas personally in that regard? I am a 51 year old/young lady - I enjoy working out - I change up my workouts constantly so as to surprise my body. I do not have a lot of time for the internet as it is hard for me to sit still for long periods (I get bored/antsy easily) I have tried to read a few of your posts when I find the time to sit still - I enjoy your workouts and your shares. We have a large property of trees so when we are not working - we are spending a lot of time cleaning up the property (always branches to pick up due to the very old trees - it's a forest here and we are not complaining - just wanted to say that is why I do not have a lot of time for the computer) I appreciate all you share - Kathy in Indiana thanks you

  2. if you would like more information about my edited videos, you can email me: