Thursday, February 4, 2016

Miracle Miles 3 mile Walk

This morning I tackled Leslie's 3 mile walk but knew I had enough after just 2 miles and am a sweaty mess trying not to drip on my keyboard.  Actually when I took a peek yesterday I left the dvd on the third mile so at first I was doing the third mile which was like Leslie on steroids!  As much as I loved the new Leslie, I came to my senses and restarted the 3 miles at the beginning.  It had a nice speed and worked great on the hexagon with minimal tweaking.  I tried using the band while sitting on a stability ball and it was a perfect combination.

This morning I woke up with a headache after a very stressful day thanks to a few selfish people (selfish in the way of only caring about their own feelings and nobody elses).  Anywho the workout really helped me to release the pent up stress.  I especially loved Leslie's attitude about health being more important than a messy house.

Just found this and it is very similar to how I am trying to stay positive:

Making other people Happier makes me Happy.
I try not to give unhappy people any power over me.
If they do not understand my plain simple focus, it is their loss.

also this was at the bottom of the article

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