Monday, February 8, 2016


It just goes to show how obsessed with irrational hate too many people are when they accuse the SuperBowl halftime of promoting homosexuality.

What is wrong with these people?
Why are they so afraid of rainbows?

I am the mother of a gay son and did not even think of the connection.

(next they will complain that Lady Gaga who is a huge supporter of equal rights should not have sang the National anthem even though she did it phenomenally.)


  1. Lady Gaga was fabulous singing our National Anthem. As far as the other thing you mentioned - I try not to pay attention to a lot of news and online stuff due to such negativity. I just exercise, eat healthy - love my boys - love my life and enjoy following people like yourselves who enjoy sharing healthy ideas. I think you mentioned Leslie Sansone a few days ago - going to see what you said because I enjoy her dvds as well as such a wide variety of workouts. I work out to almost everything because I like changing it up and surprising my body. ;)

  2. Happy to see a healthy positive attitude!