Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wake Up America!

America is already Great
but will not remain so if that toxic narcissist gets elected.

All America will become is a global joke with a clown and bully at its helm.

If the majority in this country are that brain dead and susceptible to mob mentality,  it gives little hope to those who are not intoxicated with Trump toxins.  Having been the victim of irrational mob mentality, I have seen what selfish people can ruin.

The man could not even succeed in Atlantic City during its prime.
We were Trump stock holders and would have been better off if we put the stock money into slot machines.  He did not care about stock losses and bankruptcies because it was not his money.  He will not care about taxpayers money because it is not his money.

(actually if you do the math, he will lose against anyone so the GOP are just a bunch of clowns)

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