Thursday, February 11, 2016

Erin to the Rescue

Last evening some new Alchemy of Motion routines were uploaded to PowHow.  The camera angles seem to be getting worse and the audio very inconsistent.  One Misa was even removed because it had no audio at all.  Anywho after struggling to do the last two miles of the Miracle Miles because of low energy,  I tried some of the new Erin and really enjoyed it!  She is definitely my favorite Soul Sweat instructor because she does not scream.

I am nearing the end of my first one month subscription which had 50% off and must cancel it before it automatically renews at full price ($50).  In the whole month, maybe 3 were added I liked.  Between the poor audio and visual quality, screaming, and repetitive routines,  I doubt many customers would accept the renewal.  They are very over-priced IMHO.  (If I was thinking, I would have down loaded the Misa while it was available and added my own music!!! Misa does the most annoying screaming so no audio was a blessing)

ETA:  I did some sparks in front of the laptop this afternoon and really enjoyed some edits!

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