Sunday, February 7, 2016


I was never a real Leslie Sansone fan finding her workouts very similar and boring till I added music.  However,  Miracle Miles has produced a miracle because I am now a fan!  Mostly because of that darn band LOL

I do not have to watch the screen hardly at all because I tweak her moves to make them more fun on my 2 Chinese bungees.  I love using the band while sitting on the stability ball.  I feel the muscles working hard but not aggravating my joints.  This band for me is a Miracle band and  I am excited about trying it with other workouts.

A friend is going through a very stressful time right now because of insensitive people and as a result, I have been dealing with stress as well.  I have suspected I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and believe I am experiencing a flare.  Thankfully, not debilitating and just a Tylenol enables me to workout.  Anywho I did 3 miles of the 4 mile walk this morning and feel better than I have since my friend had her crash.  This set is the first set I am enjoying without editing which is another miracle.  Exercise and bouncing is still my magic bullet for feeling well.

As far as my two Chinese bungees, I really love both of them,  Changing between the two tensions seems to work very well for me.  The PROBounce with ultra cords has a firmer bounce and the hexagon a more ballistic bounce.  I can not really predict 6 months from now which will be my favorite.  Of course, condescending nasties predict both will fall apart by then.  Meanwhile, I will just Walk on and Party On, enjoying my purchases with no buyers remorse or need to confront people who have no idea how ridiculous they sound.  They do not feel what my body feels or needs but insist they do.  If you watch some of the Bellicon workouts on youtube, you will see a look of pain and misery on the face of the *expert* as she does tedious repetitive boring moves.  No Thank you.  It is not which model bungee you use that counts but how it is used.  I will continue to listen to my inner voice and what feels good.   I do feel sorry for some who have listened to the hype and never use their expensive bungee.

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