Saturday, February 6, 2016

Rant against Bullying Behavior

Bullies are just miserable people wanting to make the world as miserable as they are.  Misery loves company.

I have a gay son.
Homophobes want to bully me to sit shivah for him or consider him dead.
Exactly  how does my gay son directly affect the lives of the homophobes?
Why should I as a mother reject my son just because he is gay?
Would this make me happier?

I have peripheral neuropathy.
The medical profession wants to bully me to continue taking a statin till I am in a wheel chair even though statistics have not proven any real benefit for women.
How does my refusal affect the medical community except perhaps financially.
Why should I ruin my quality of life anymore than I already have being on a statin for over 15 years?
Would this make me happier?  Spending my own money to make myself feel worse will not make me any happier or healthier.

I have bungee rebounders that are not Bellicons.
The Bellicon fans want to bully me till I get a concussion trying to use a Bellicon in my basement with a low ceiling where I prefer to exercise.
How does the use of nonBellicon bungees directly affect Bellicon fans?
Would it make me happier to bounce on a Bellicon even though I already am my happiest when bouncing and seem to be having much more fun than most videos using a Bellicon?

I love to help people be happier.
Miserable people bully me trying to make me miserable.
How does bullying me make life any less miserable for them?

Each of us can only control our own attitude in life and do what is best for ourselves as individuals.  What is right for one person may be completely wrong for another but what does it matter if someone else wants to do anything differently as long as it is not harming anyone else.  If what I do makes me happier and is not directly affecting someone else, why do these people think they have the right to try to lessen my happiness?
OK so they enjoy misery but I do not.

LIVE and LET LIVE people!!!!
(and please, please, please do not let a bully become the next POTUS)

If my blogging affects you negatively, just do not read my blog!!!!
If my blogging affects you positively, enjoy!

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