Friday, February 5, 2016

Still Walking and Metashreding

I decided to make a real effort to ignore the nasty behavior online,
even before reading this

History has proven that people do not change and trying to have a rational discussion with a confrontational person is impossible.

This morning I did the third mile in the Miracle Miles 3 mile walk then some of Metashred6.
Still loving the Hexagon.
Still loving the Miracle Mile band.
The behavior of confrontational people does not and will not lessen my enjoyment of moving.
(I do have to wonder if they enjoy exercise as much because if they did, I think they would feel less of a need to be confrontational)

6 miles done and 9 to go
6 metashreds down and 3 to go
However I may slip in an Alchemy of Motion tomorrow cuz have many of them untried.

Oh yeah I read something else in another blog:
if someone seems overly concerned about their weight, perhaps they need to learn to like themselves more

ETA from a Friend:

ooops one more!

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