Wednesday, January 4, 2017

tRUMP is Outdated

tRUMP will never come close to creating or saving the number of jobs Obama has. Clinton was planning on creating jobs in fields tRUMP ignores like clean energy and technology. His bullying of individual companies to save a few jobs is not a policy that will endure. Cutting taxes for the rich and corporations will limit new programs, cut old programs which many of his own supporters need, and increase our debt substantially. Those who voted for him and the GOP, sold their soul for lies, fake news, and changes that will reverse all of the progress that was set in motion in spite of GOP obstruction.

tRUMP does not trust technology
tRUMP does not trust our intelligence professionals.

We will fall behind all of the countries who know that technology and intelligence are the future while tRUMP tries to make America great again instead of continuing to make America greater as Obama has.

The Democrats will spend the next 4 years trying to prevent regression and changes that will only benefit the rich.  Let's hope there is no international crisis for the world during those years and that there will be a future.

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