Saturday, December 5, 2015



Trump after having several demonstrators at a campaign event said:

"Look at what happens. 
Our country is so divided. 
There's hatred between people. 
We want to bring it together"

His whole campaign has been about hate as well as several of the other GOP hopefuls.  Heck his whole life has been about hate.

ETA:This morning while bouncing to an edited Tracey Anderson cardio, it struck me how 3 of the most popular instructors have used spring rebounders:  
Tracey Anderson
Yin the Zone
Hamelin D'abell
(Terri Walsh has used a Bellicon)

All of the above also use pumping music greatly limited by copyright issues
Being able to use a bungee and any music I choose is truly amazing.

How does the way I exercise affect my health?
My resting heartrate after coffee and before working out this morning was in the 50's.

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