Friday, December 4, 2015

Free Bellicon Workouts!

You can try your first month for free on the new Bellicon Workout 360 site:
It was a very easy sign up without asking for any credit card number or anything that may need to be cancelled before charged.

This morning I did an amazing Tracy Anderson cardio edit with music by David Guetta.  Tracey repeats the moves enough where I can do a move as long as I like then do another move that appeals to me.

To WellVideo Friends:
Be careful what you post on even private profile walls, blogs, and messages because I have had previous posts copied by someone then pasted somewhere else without my consent.
This was a disgusting netiquette violation by someone who is the administrator of a popular private club.
(needless to say, I left the club and unfriended the violator)

The Bellicon videos may look prettier than mine
just as Bellicons may look prettier than my less expensive bungees.
However, I prefer the variety of moves and music on my home recorded workouts.
Again it is how a bungee is used that counts and not how pretty it looks.  The gal does more my kind of action on the bungee, using her whole body when bouncing instead of just a quick walk which can be done without a bungee.

I have been enjoying the Bellicon routines after replacing their audio LOL

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