Saturday, November 14, 2015


Just got done doing some more Ilyse Baker routines with music I had added and had a blast.  All moves worked well on the bungee and stability ball.  My heartrate stayed in perfect zones.  Endorphins kicked in quickly.

Perhaps if some unhappy people tried some fun routines, they would be happier and less obsessed with collecting routines which do not make them happy.  I know this could have been a ridiculously stressful week for me if I did not have my party-in-a-box bouncing workouts.

I workout more for mental health than physical health. Those who are only focused on vanity and do not enjoy their workouts, need to refocus and have more fun.   Experiment with new styles and new music.

Prayers for all victims of mob mentality, especially those in France.

The real world is full of turmoil and negative energy.
I am determined to focus on positive energy in the url (unreal) world.

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