Monday, March 17, 2014

MUving, MUving, MUving

This morning I did my edited version of the youtube jessicasmithtv Pear Body Type routine and enjoyed it alot.

(my version is on my DailyMotion channel but please visit the original above on youtube first)

Then I did a few more drumming type edited routines with my Fitstix while sitting on the stability ball.

The Poundfit return has been received by Amazon and I am getting almost a full refund.  They are refunding me the lower Amazon shipping rate for the return instead of what I actually paid.
For those on the fence, do the Sample Classes and imagine them with much darker lighting and softer music.
For those with hip issues, try them sitting on a stability ball.
Just a warning to those who decide to order, order through the Amazon website, not the Poundfit store, for free shipping and handling since it is shipped by Amazon anyway (and be very careful when handling the cardboard case cuz a loose dvd may come tumbling out).

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