Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Amy Bento Hip Hop Walk!

This mornings workout went quite well.  I did get a sudden sharp pain in my outer right ankle but Arnica gel nipped it in the bud.  Otherwise, I feel pretty good.  Brain fog is minimal. Just wish the amazing energy I had a few days ago would return.

Yesterday and this morning I started revisiting Amy Bento's Hip Hop Walk which is absolutely great on the 550.  I guess the reviewer who panned it didn't try it on a bungee. Its Hip Hop style works great with bungee bouncing. If I like the moves as much as I have, I may add my own MUsic to it after revisiting the dvd with cuing.  Actually her cuing helped me add more intensity.

Then I did just the segments using a band from CardioFlex and found alot of unique band moves which worked great with the short band I got with the Richard Simmons Broadway set.  I had edited out the step cardio.

Finished with a bunch of youtube Zumbas while sitting on the ball and holding Fitstix instead of Zumba stix.

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