Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Older and Much Wiser DVD

I am so glad I ordered the *Older and Much Wiser* DVD!  Besides having a few new cardio moves, it had hip stretches that really helped my right hip and knee.  My favorite cardio chapter was combo#3 which had a sports theme.  I also liked the cardio warmup and cooldown.   Combos 1 and 2 may be better with MUsic added which I have not yet tried.    However, doing combo #1 without the warmup as a stand alone spark yesterday did make my hip flexors feel tight so I will do the warmup before doing it again.

The wonderful hip stretches were in the strength, balance and Strength Cooldown. The strength was a short and sweet mostly band routine and the balance chapter was quite good.   Even though I want to try everything with MUsic added, I will revisit the original tracks for cuing tips as necessary.

Here is a move I simply loved that started as a joke but actually was a great move for the hips and abs.  Sitting down, we are told to move towards the back of the chair then we are told to move to the front of the chair and so on.  This is like a hip walk I used to do on the floor but never realized it could be done on a chair.  Another great hip strengthening and stretch move was a ski squat.  It is a squat with the hip jutting out to one side then the other.   Another nice stretch was a pelvic tilt but with one leg forward at a time.

Another *No Dread* and *Feel Good* DVD :)
Sure hope Sue Grant gets to use some extra music she had purchased and produces a Wiser and More Wonderful DVD.
(hint ... hint ... hint)

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