Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day One of Cutting Back on Lipitor

So I skipped my Lipitor last evening and woke up this morning without brain fog and with no headache.  I have had a headache most mornings and assumed it was caffeine withdrawal.  My hands can make fists, a feat they have found quite challenging lately. I just finished my workout and my joints seemed more agreeable than they had been.  I do plan to take the Lipitor tonight and note any changes if any.

This morning I did a couple of MUsic added to Amy Dixon Exercise TV routines.  I really enjoyed some of the moves and added MUsic.  Here's a sample from the Advanced Bootcamp Body Makeover:

One of several original video links of Amy's Bootcamp Body Makeover Advanced Video:

After Amy, I started revisiting the Surfer Girl routines, using a purple Zumba stick instead of a stability ball for a weighted object.  For some unknown reason, I like these with their original soundtracks LOL  However, I did remove some moves.  Most of the upright moves use the core in the typical Michael Carson style since he choreographed the routines.

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