Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So with older son vacationing in the UK and younger son living in our home 24/7, I escaped to AC for Mother's Day.  For quite awhile now, I have been experiencing increased muscular spasms and bouts of brain fog.  My doctor ignores my symptoms because my lab results are good.  I had requested a VitaminD check in my last set but it wasn't done.

I really didn't move much the first day in AC and had horrible leg and foot spasms that night in spite of taking magnesium and orange juice for potassium.  Thank goodness Arnica gel and night-time Advil gave me relief. The next day I walked about 4 miles and just had my usual aches and pains. Since the intensity of these daily aches and pains obviously were not affected adversely by movement, I am beginning to think maybe Lipitor is responsible for most of my aches and pains and especially, the increase intensity in the form of spasms as well as brain fog episodes.    I know my doctor would never approve so I may try skipping a dose and see if I feel a difference.  Our doctor wanted to put our then 26 year old son on a statin for just borderline high LDL.  Since then our son has brought his level down with improved diet and exercise.

At least the Plantar Fasciitis which sidelined me from my AC walks last summer is just about all gone.  I did a second 4 mile boardwalk walk this morning too :)

ETA:  I also did some videos on my phone in the hotel room including a Qigong stretch, Denise Austin Rhythmic Dance Stretch, and the cardio warmup for Older Wiser and Wonderful.

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