Saturday, November 12, 2016

Be Careful of What You Wish For

People wanted economic change in spite of reports that showed the economy was improving.

The people who supported the bully known as Trump were a combination of Alternate Right bigots and people who were manipulated by them to believe their lies.

Trump is filling his White House with bullies and not denouncing the escalation of hate crimes.

His bad behavior was rewarded during the primaries.
This bullying bad behavior is the new America.

The FBI helped by putting the damn emails ahead of investigating threats created by hate rhetoric and Russian hacking.
Ironically, Congress wants to continue investigating Clinton!!!!????
Clinton was much more transparent and truthful than Trump but people only listened to what they wanted to hear.

Thanks for ruining the American spirit which made America great.
Thanks for making a Domestic terrorist the next POTUS.
I really do not want to pay federal taxes to this Deplorable regime.

I have no respect for the people who voted Trump and will block all Trump trolls on social media. They are not worth my time and energy.
They made their bed and can now sleep in it.
The American spirit started to die the moment his bad behavior was rewarded.

Every day I heard the lies about Clinton being spread while knowing the truth about Trump. I could not believe how many people were supporting him but clung to the faith that there was more goodness in the American people than hate.
Never underestimate the manipulation of people by a sociopath:
1/4 voted for Clinton
1/4 voted for Trump
and the rest just let it happen
I have lost respect for 3/4 of America and doubt the pursuit of happiness will ever be enabled again during my life time.

Shame on all of you who did not care about other people and their civil rights.
I was taught the definition of a Democracy was the rule of the majority with the protection of the minority.  Now it is the rule of the minority with no protection for the majority.

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  1. Oh Barb I have been watching this montrous juggernaut from across the border and it's absolutely frightening. You are so right, shame on those who voted for him, but even more shame on those who didn't vote and could have stopped him.