Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Empowered Deplorables

It is very unfair that the majority of the people in this country with a functional brain and conscience have to be abused daily by the toxic Deplorables empowered by tRUMP. Even worse that his corruption and derisiveness will go on and on till the GOP congress decide that they still have a conscience. There will be no pivot. He is deplorable and always will be.

So the media gave tRUMP lots of free advertising as the campaign became a reality TV show. Now tRUMP is demonizing the media for lies because of his thin skin. Most of the lies came out of his mouth and the mouths of his surrogates. It is not the media's fault that so many of his minions believed these lies. Anyone with a functional brain and conscience knew what kind of person tRUMP was. He lied to whatever audience he was addressing. Contradicted himself often on policy but one thing was never contradicted: his thin skin. He even used his thin skin to divert the attention from his significant unfavorable news.
Mostly recently his tweets about Hamilton and SNL diverted attention from his fraudulent Trump U and the escalation of hate crimes as a result of the White Supremacists feeling empowered by their newly elected leader.

The GOP and tRUMP will be held accountable as more and more minorities and young people vote in the future
.... if there is a future.

Meanwhile, those with a conscience will have to suffer but do not have to show this monster or his minions any respect, remembering that his thin skin will make the next 4 years miserable for him as well.

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