Saturday, November 19, 2016

Corruption and Conflict of Interests

Unfortunately, Trump is proving to be the same pathological liar he was during the campaign.  Most of his appointments have supported his lies.
America is in for a very bumpy ride and a real test for its system of checks and balances.

He is draining the DC swamp and filling it with toxic waste.

This representative above is a Democrat.
Hopefully the GOP still have a few members of Congress with their integrity intact.

Time for the FBI to start targeting hate groups instead of harmless emails.
If they had done their job, Trump would have been disqualified

Too bad the Trump U case did not happen before the election.
Now he settled to avoid an impeachable offense.

He also tweeted against the protests and the booing of Pence at Hamilton.  He best get used to protests and  booing because he is the least favorable POTUS in our lifetime.  His home city will protest and boo forever and ever.

He will not be able to enact unconstitutional campaign promises.
He will not be able to lie at rallies or on tweets anymore.
America and the World are now watching.
He cannot blame the media for the stuff he says and does.

Let's be clear, the cast just asked Pence to listen to a few words and did not disrespect him.
Even after Pence said he was not offended and enjoyed the show, Trump continues to waste his time and energy on this.  Perhaps to divert attention from his Trump U fraud settlement :

May not be much but reflects tRUMP's nature to lie about everything no matter how large or small.

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