Sunday, November 13, 2016

Who Is Next?

Trump's main motivations have been and always will be winning and revenge.  He has no real ideology and now he is the quarterback so no more fun Monday morning quarterbacking.  Now he will be on the serious receiving end of criticisms and investigations for every decision and lie he makes. Whether fueling protests or witch hunts, he will feel the burn with very little support from reliable sources.

He is already backing off most of his unrealistic campaign promises and lies used to win.  Some of his brainwashed supporters will feel betrayed.  Most of the good potential advisers to add to his staff want nothing to do with him, fearing political suicide, so he is stuck with his nasty inner circle, most of whom had been witch hunting Clinton for decades and have little political experience.
(imagine the future charges for conflict of interest because of his businesses and litigations)

The question is whether his future victims for revenge will be the past administration or the current obstructive congress.  He once spoke very highly about Clinton and seems to have positive feelings towards her again so I would place my bets on Ryan being his chosen victim.  Already Ryan and Trump are not on the same page.  Pence has already replaced Chris Christie on the transitional team and it was implied may be handling most of the political decisions.  Pence lied plenty for Trump but did not agree on all of Trump's policies.

(if I were Trump, I would keep an eye open on Pence 24/7 who is salivating at the thought of replacing him ... just imagine the books and movies this whole surreal election will produce!  Alec Baldwin can name his price)

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