Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mixing It Up

This morning I finished the edited Amy Bento Hip Hop Walk then did some edited German Manuel while sitting on a stability ball  then the Exercise TV (med ball) Cardio Core routine:

and finished with some virtual walking on the bungee and ball
Try playing the music from the second walk while muting the first.
Mute the original Lake Samsonvale

Play the MUsic from the Malta Walk

You can play the muted walk full screen while still hearing the music from the other video.
This technique can be used to mix and match all sorts of videos and audio on youtube, pcs, etc.

Cindy Whitmarsh is offering her 3 dvd Ultrafit set at a great clearance price till 6/21
(click on Products at the top of the website)
There was a legal problem because of their titles so the money will be donated to charity.

So archaic legal issues are again interfering with yet another instructor's reimbursement.

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