Sunday, June 15, 2014


Kettlebell moves offer good cross-training without taxing my feet. I have always preferred light pseudo-kettlebell stuff like Kettlenetics to the heavy technical kettlebell stuff.  Sometimes I substitute the kettlebell with a purple Zumba stick.  Some routines move too fast.  Some routines repeat a certain move too long.  Other moves I really like aren't done enough so I am editing a bunch of them to be more my thang along with adding MUsic.

This morning I mostly freestyled to an edited Kelly Coffey Meyers Interval because her cardio options were on machines. My cardio was on the bungee wearing the boxing gloves attached to a band that came with Billy Blanks 24/7.  I really didn't need her video at all, just my music and a plan of which body parts to focus upon.  Then I did some of a Kettlebell routine with Amy Dixon at half speed and with added MUsic.

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