Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ford Kettlenetics Conductorcise

This morning I did Jenny Ford's Workout but to Reggae MUsic.  Many moves worked well on the bungee and ball and were repeated enough that I could just stick with the moves I liked instead of trying the quick changing combos.  As usual, it was my MUsic that kept me MUving in spite of not having a caffeine high because I am fasting for blood work.
Ford's original is here:

I also did some edited Kettlenetics.  Besides adding music, I slowed down some of the too quick moves and repeated segments I wanted to repeat more.

After seeing that Maestro David Dworkin has recently become active on the internet, I am trying to find out if his Conductorcise DVDs are still available for purchase and if not, would he allow me to upload them all.  Right now I have Volume3 uploaded but may be removing it if he doesn't grant permission to share it.  These are wonderful standing on a rebounder or sitting on a stability ball.

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