Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jessica, Kim Johnson, Ellen

I did Jessica's new Power Walk to which I had added mostly instrumental MUsic over the original audio to keep the cuing.  Wasn't too fond of the music in the first half but liked the music in the second half alot.  Now that I have done the routine with the cuing, I will probably stick to the other version I made without cuing and more appropriate MUving MUsic.  I switched from the bungee after the first 13 minutes to the stability ball, to Fitstix on the stability ball then standing with Fitstix, depending on the moves involved.

Then I did alittle of a Kim Johnson Zumba class which had great music and simple to follow moves.
Most of her classes and songs are listed on her website:
Kardio Kim Johnson in Action! — Kim Johnson Dance & Kick with Kardio Kim Johnson for Fitness & Fun!

Some videos are on vimeo and some are on youtube.
The one I did some of today was on vimeo
Kardio Kim Johnson - 1 Hour Zumba Fitness - 2013 January from Don Johnson on Vimeo.

I also downloaded just the Follow the Leader routine separately:
Kardio Kim Johnson - "Follow the Leader" - Zumba Fitness from Don Johnson on Vimeo.

Then I revisited the second combo in Ellen's Super Fast Body Blast and finished by doing a set of the whole routine while sitting on a stability ball and her cooldown.  Since Ellen is in horse stance or wide plies second position alot, the stability ball works great with her style.  It felt way less repetitive by doing the routine standing then sitting with different MUsic!

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