Friday, April 10, 2015

Karma Baby!!!

Today my generous donation towards karma paid off.

I had lost some digital files of VHS routines after my videos were no longer available online.  Back then, I had captured the files with a cheap EasyCap dongle which I no longer want to use after it made my laptop crash as well as killed the original vcr I used with it plus another spare vcr!  
I stupidly did not store back ups of these files because I still had and can use the VHS
(yes, I still have a couple of other vcrs LOL).
Then I remembered I had shared the files privately with the person who had requested them.  Luckily, all of the files were available from a video cloud similar to DropBox!

This morning I visited some old files which I came across when looking for the files discussed above.   They were edits of Tracey Mallett's Cardio Melt back when I kept the cuing and all moves but the music was still nice and loud.   I just tweaked the moves I did not like and it all worked fine for me.

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