Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another Exhausting Day

At least I did do my workout this morning before running around on errands.  Most of my session were edited files of Denise Austin which were almost 2 years old!  Sometimes the music was too soft because that was before I used MP3Gain to make the volume of my MP3 files louder.

I will still be storing and therefore sharing some videos on WellVideo but checking other alternatives for the more private files I want to do when online.  DailyMotion may be a good fit since I already have an account and private means private there.  Their mobile app even worked on wifi when I was in AC with my cheap unactivated smart phone LOL
Dropbox and Google Drive are great but have limited space.
Filemail also limits their free use now.
I can still share the links to various videos with trusted friends without being bombarded with more requests from total strangers.  VK and mymail seem to intimidate many because located in Russia. Only drawback on DailyMotion are the ads
but they are prevented by *get adblock* on Chrome.
adblock plus on Firefox

I like get adblock so much that I actually made a donation!

I will still openly share many of my edits on WellVideo and other sites, many of which may even be embedded on this blog.

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