Monday, April 6, 2015


Numbers are back and even though my cholesterol results were terrible (except great HDL), the younger partner is ok with me not taking any statins and ignoring the results.    My husband who had switched to taking his Lipitor every other day had slightly higher results but they were still in a good range.  Lower statin dosage can mean less adverse side effects.  My numbers were even ok after switching to 3 times a week before I decided to just quit altogether.

Finding a doctor who will not stress us out is priceless since stress is the number one risk factor for heart disease and everything else.

This morning I did a few edited files but just before I started something happened to my right shoulder.  Thankfully Arnica gel came to the rescue.  The files I used were from the Ultimatum series with Lindsi Sanor:

Her cardio was great on the rebounder but I had removed most plank moves before replacing the soundtracks.

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