Thursday, April 30, 2015

Alittle Research Goes a Long way

I had received an email from Toshiba offering a deal on a small notebook which may be a perfect cheap replacement for our den dinosaur with Windows XP which has been limping along.  Mostly my husband uses it for making online horse racing bets since our son and I both have our own laptops.  However, with alittle digging, I found a much better choice for the same price on Amazon after getting $30 off with an Amazon credit card.  The first Toshiba notebook had half the memory, no dvd drive, and no real hard drive.  The one I ordered has similar specs to our Acer and Toshiba laptops which cost almost $200 more several years ago.  It will have the smaller 15 inch screen but that is all that is needed since our other laptops are 17 inch screens and the new one will be near our large HD TV for streaming.  Tomorrow is our 39th Wedding Anniversary so it was time.

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