Friday, May 1, 2015

Body Project and Debby Mack

This morning I did an edited file of the HIITs routine by Body Project which really clicked for me.
I just loved the MUsic and the moves so this one became an instant favorite.

Then I tried some of the Debby Mack Back2Basics till I totally pooped.  It had pleasant music and cuing and the moves were easy to follow so a total *No Dread* routine.  I realize I moved more to the Music than the actual moves because of the bounciness of the bungee and stability ball so it will be interesting to see how it is with replacing the audio.  This is one of the few dvds that may be better with its original audio for me.  I liked her simple moves and cuing more than that of Debra Mazda's who was like her mentor.  Much better than Leslie's chattiness too IMHO.  What strikes me odd is how the VF reviews for this one were so-so.

This is really funny.  I never realized my old laptop had a card reader slot till I was reading a label claiming it had one and checked where it was located according to the manual.  Very hard to see because black on black but I found it.  Now I can transfer videos on my SD cards!

Stay tuned because in the coming days I will be reviewing the online and dvd routines by Suzanne Andrews.  Meanwhile, you can get her first Walk your Way to a Healthy Heart video free by supplying your email address

For an afternoon spark, I did an edited file of the WeightWatchers Beginner's Punch while sitting on my swivel desk chair in front of my laptop and really enjoyed it!  Using a swivel chair enabled my feet to move differently.

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