Monday, May 4, 2015

Peripheral Neuropathy

My worse chronic adverse reaction from over 15 years on Lipitor has been peripheral neuropathy.    My doctors have ignored it but I have to live with this very annoying condition every day and it varies from day to day with no rhyme or reason.  From what I have read, little can be done except for temporary ways to alleviate its effects.  One thing I know I must do is move more often throughout the day.  I have this wonderful laptop in front of me filled with video files, music files, and streaming video sites so I need to use this weapon in my battle and take advantage of the warmer weather and go outside and walk in the sunlight several times a day

This morning I finished revisiting the level 4 cardio of Sue Grant's Older, Wiser and Wonderful which was still wonderful.  It was loaded with wonderful 3D movements without overdoing any of them and most moves worked well on my Jumpsport 550.  Then I did some of the Debby Mack Cardio Kick while sitting on a large stability ball and was losing interest during its one-sided jabs which seem to be going on forever but I am glad I persevered because the workout became quite good afterwards!

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