Tuesday, May 5, 2015


This morning I mostly did a workout called *Fattitude*.
Participating on WellVideo has enabled me to try more routines not available in the US.
At first, I found it too repetitive and slow but it picked up nicely in the second half during the last 2 aerobic segments so may be editing it.

I finally caved on a new pc for our den because it was becoming a nuisance to keep my husband on his race track betting website.  Got a great deal on Amazon!  For the same price as a Toshiba notebook after $30 off for an Amazon credit card, I got this Toshiba laptop with double the memory (4 gigs instead of 2), 15 inch screen instead of 11 inch, 500 gig hard drive instead of just 38 gigs and a dvd burning drive so I am glad I did the research.  I believe Best Buy sells it for the same $229 but not sure.
Check the other *new* offers fulfilled by Amazon to find the cheapest price and free shipping.

Windows8.1 was not the nightmare I was expecting LOL

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