Saturday, May 16, 2015


So I have not posted for a few days because I wanted the outstanding Soul2Soul video by Britta von Tagen to be the top post for awhile.  I finally finished visiting the whole routine this morning and it may be the best routine in my collection.  I always like Nia-like full body feel good routines which combined dance and martial arts and bought many expensive DVDs because of this preference.  This FREE youtube video is better than just about all of them and I will list all of its Pros:
MUsic only and beautiful unique MUsic
Beautiful scenery
Attractive instructor and outfit
perfect amount of reps and moves done equally on both sides
most moves even work well on bungee and ball
minimal free style segments

only one which was she seemed so tiny with the huge background
Zooming in resolved that problem till she started dancing off the screen LOL

Simply a beautiful routine from beginning to end and about as perfect as it could be
youtube link

wellvideo link

Quite honestly I do not understand why people pay alot of money for routines which are not really special or unique and ignore what is available for free.
If you skip this one, it is your loss.

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